Eighth School on System Design using Microcontroller

The Eighth School on System Design using Microcontroller was organized by the Department of Instrumentation & USIC, Gauhati University from 16-21 May 2022.


The school was conducted with an aim to introduce the students to the necessities of Embedded System design using microcontrollers. The main objective of the workshop was to motivate and make familiarize the students with the architecture of microprocessors and microcontrollers as well as writing codes for microcontrollers in C programming language from the basic level. The students were introduced to the concepts of designing necessary signal conditioning and data acquisition circuits using the Arduino Uno board. The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) was also included in the programme with the introduction of the Node MCU board along with the hands-on sessions.

The target group for the workshop was the fourth and sixth semester appeared students of TDC, and the end semester postgraduate students of Instrumentation, Physics, Electronics, and Computer Science.

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Thirty Two (32) students participated in the school from seven different institutes viz. A. D. P. College, B. Borooah College, Dimoria College, Gauhati University, Guwahati College, Jagannath Boruah College, Madhabdev University, Manohari Devi Kanoi Girls' College and Tihu College.


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Technical lectures of the workshop were provided by:

  • Prof. Utpal Sarma, Head, Instrumentation & USIC
  • Dr. Debashis Saikia, Asst. Professor, Instrumentation & USIC
  • Dr. Pranjal Bora, Asst. Professor, Instrumentation & USIC
  • Dr. Kunjalata Kalita, Asst. Professor, Instrumentation & USIC
  • Dr. Manash Protim Goswami, Asst. Professor, Instrumentation & USIC
  • Mr. Nairit Barkataki, Asst. Professor, Instrumentation & USIC

Chayanika Sharma, Hiramoni Khatun, Anandita Dey, Sharmistha Mazumdar, Anirban Bhattacharya, Gitartha Saikia, and Jintu Choudhury tutored the students in the various scientific experiments during the workshop.


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The course covered the topics such as architecture of microprocessor & Microcontroller, concept of Data Acquisition System, idea of Signal Conditioning, Microcontroller based Data Acquisition System and IoT based Embedded System Design from basic level.

The entire event was co-ordinated by Dr. Debashis Saikia and Nairit Barkataki. The workshop was financially sponsored by Assam Science Technology & Environment Council (ASTEC).


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