Laboratory Facilities

The Department has various laboratories for students and researchers.

Test and measurement Laboratory


  • 1 GHz Frequency counter HM 5021-z
  • GWINSTEK GOS-630FC, Frequency-30MHz CRO
  • APLAB 3802-3, Frequency-25MHz CRO
  • GWINSTEK GDS-1052 U,50MHz,250MSa/s DSO
  • Dynaxact, DX1103,100MHz, 1GSa/s  DSO
  • Falcon, Model-DSO-025C2,25MHz,250MS/s  DSO
  • Dynaxact DX-4010 Function generator
  • GWINSTEK SFG-1013 Function Generator
  • Aplab FG1MD,1MHz Function Generator
  • Elnova 115W Power Supply
  • Scientific Power Supply PSD 3304, PSD 3203, PSD 3003


Additionally, the Department has adequate numbers of good quality Digital Multimeter, Soldering-desoldering station, soldering iron and other electronics components required for the experiments. In addition, the department also have the IC testing facilities.

 GOS630FC  GDS1052U


Microwave LaboratoryAMS A 2


  • Antenna trainer system containing RF source and detector with 40 different antennas.
  • Advance micro strip component trainer.





Process control LaboratoryProcess control trainer kit Model XPO PCT FL 2



  • Process control trainer kit, Model-XPO PCT/FL
  • PLC programming trainer kit, PCST-14
  • Batch Process control trainer, PCST-14-I



Advance Instrumentation LaboratoryGWINSTEK GPS 4303

  • NI Virtual Bench
  • Tektronix, TBS 2000 series,100MHz, 1GS/s DSO
  • Tektronix, TSD 1012B,100MHz, 1 GS/s DSO
  • GWINSTEK GDS-2102 E,100MHz,1GS/s DSO
  • Agilent Mixed Signal DSO MSO 6012 A
  • Tektronix AFG 1022 ,25MHz,125MS/s Function Generator
  • GWINSTEK MFG-2230M Function Generator
  • Agilent 3320-A, 20MHz Function Generator
  • GWINSTEK GPE-4323 Power Supply
  • GWINSTEK GPS-4303 Power Supply
  • Agilent E 3631A Power Supply
  • GWINSTEK LCR-6100,10Hz-100KHz LCR meter
  • Agilent 34401A 6  digit DMM
  • Agilent U1252A 5  digit DMM

Biomedical LaboratoryECG SKRIP ECG 12L SE 2102 2


  • PACEMAKER trainer kit Skrip electronics SE 2612
  • Medical ECG Telemetry-Transmitter trainer kit
  • Medical ECG Telemetry-Receiver trainer kit
  • ECG –SKRIP-ECG-12L SE 2102



Computer Laboratory


Total 20 numbers of computers are presently used in the computer Laboratory of the department. 

mcb2140 2Embedded system development Laboratory


  • Development boards for 8085, 8086, 8051, ARM and PIC microcontrollers
  • DAC Interface module and LED Controller module interface with various development boards.




Digital Signal Processing Laboratoryzcu102


  • Spartan-3E FPGA Development Board
  • Microsemi SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA Development Board
  • ZedBoard Zynq-7000 ARM/FPGA SoC Development Board
  • Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZCU102 Evaluation Kit
  • ADS5474 14-Bit, 400-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter Evaluation Module
  • ADRF6655-EVALZ Evaluation Board- Broadband Up/Downconverting Mixer with Integrated Fractional-N PLL and VCO
  • AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ Evaluation Board (dual 14-bit 1.0 GSPS JESD204B ADC, quad 16-bit 2.8 GSPS JESD204B DAC, 14-output 1GHz clock, and power management components)
  • Agilent DSO5052A, 500MHz, 4GSa/s


Sensor and Instrumentation Laboratory


  • Thermocouple Trainer Kit
  • RTD Trainer Kit
  • Thermistor Trainer Kit
  • Hall Effect Trainer Kit